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I'm using IDP, Geo barring and apps patrol to deny some old factions protocols like FTP. After going from 4.38 to 4.39, without changing my config or without updating my Samsung and Panasonic smartTVs, what has now happened is that Netflix in in those TVs do not work anymore. It works through my iMac, through my iPad like it has been with 4.38 firmware. 

Any other having the same issue? The release note tells not so much has been changing except introducing McAfree as the new partner. 

Thank's for your support 


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    Hi @kelmi,

    Could you go to MONITOR > Log and check if there are any UTM blocked logs for IP address of Netflix?

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    Just did, no there is no blocked IP addresses visible. Samsung Frame -tv shows that there is no connection to one of the three Netflix servers. It does not tell the addresses of the servers. 

    What is strange is that when I reboot my USG40, Netflix works for a while from Samsung Frame and Panasonic smart TV:s. It stops working over time. Both of those SmartTV:s are about 2 years old and their SW is supported by Samsung/Panasonic. 

    All the time, there is no issue to use Netflix through iMac Safari browser, AppleTV (the device, not the SW within smart TV) and through iPad.

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    Some more information on this strange issue with 4.39 firmware. 

    When I log off from Netflix (in Panasonic and Samsung Frame smartTV apps) and login again, Netflix starts to work. Still, I cannot make AppleTV application working in Samsung Frame SmartTV. It works only a while after I logoff and login again from the AppleTV app.  


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