1Gbit (AV + IDP) throughput, when?

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When can we expect to see a Nebula Security Gateway for true gigabit WAN. None of the existing ones are relevant to today's internet via fiber connections.

The NSG device series have way to low (AV + IDP) throughput which is really strange as both USG Flex 500 and ZyWall ATP 500 have almost twice as high (AV + IDP) throughput as NSG300 and then they even have a much lower price point.

And why is it not possible to choose which interfaces IDP, AV, Content Filtering and Application analysis is active on. Application analysis, Content filtering, AV and IDP make good sense on a normale user LAN, but it does not necessarily all make the same sense on a LAN for advanced users, or on a DMZ interface.

When can we expect it to be possible to select security features ON and OFF on different LANs, VLANs?
And when can we expect a Nebula Security Gateway with 1Gbit (AV + IDP) UTM throughput?



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    Hi @Mr_DJ
    USGFlex500 and ATP500 throughput is around 800 to 900 Mbps (when AV and IDP are on) and in next year USG Flex will also on cloud (Nebula) believe it can fulfill your request, so stay tuned. :)

    Also Content filtering can actually implement on the specific interface/Vlan, AV and IDP for now is not do able but we'll listen to the community member's suggestion press the like button and let us know what your thoughts! =)

  • Also requesting Security features to be applied on VLANs only and not the whole network. If you have a lot of guests, in a turist organisation, you don't want to take capacity off of the guest network. However, you want to be able to protect the employees LAN.
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