Bugs in NCC - Build version: prod 20200630-100338

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From Access Point view:

Live Tools tabs:

1. Current stations tab is blank and does not show the current clients that are connected to the AP

2. The "Current Stations" tab show be renamed to "Current Clients" to matching naming in the rest of Nebula

From Access Point / Monitor / Clients

the client capability is shown (ie. ax / ac) but not what the client is actually connected with.


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    Hi @accurro

    Welcome to ZYXEL Community.

    Here are the anwsers.
    1. We have to click the "arrow" to get the information from the AP. The "pause" icon means the NCC tries to get the information from the AP. Wait around 10 seconds. It will show the stations information.

    2. Since we have another information "clients" in the monitor, to avoid confusing customers, we use different naming rule "Current stations" here.
    3. The capability is used to let us know the station can use what kind of capability to connect to wifi, not the current usage. This can help us to adjust the configuration. For example, if the station has the 5G capability, but always connects to 2.4G. We can adjust the output power, channel-width, or band-select...etc to let the station connect to 5G easier. If it shows the capability as 2.4g, we will not know if the station can get higher connection way.

  • accurroaccurro Member Posts: 13  Freshman Member
    Hi Joslyn

    thanks for the replys.

    2. do you not think it causes more confusion by sometimes calling clients "stations" and sometimes calling stations "clients" would it not make sense to give an element a uniform name across products and UI? On all the NXCs USGs etc all the clients are called "Stations"

    3.if only capability it shown how can i tell if a "client / station" has connected to a new NWAxxxAX AP with ax or ac? (the "client / station"  is shown as ax capable)
  • Zyxel_JoslynZyxel_Joslyn Zyxel Official Agent Posts: 176  mod
    Hi @accurro

    2. Thanks for your suggestion. It sounds good if modifying the wording to the same. We will add this into our feature queue and discuss if implementing it.

    3. If the station supports ax capability, it must communicate with AX AP base on 802.11ax because they will negotiate by ax which is the highest ability. I thought your concern between the ax or ac should be TX/RX rate which is affected by the environment. If the environment is clean to send, the Tx/Rx rate will reach the ax; however, if the environment is crowded, the Tx/Rx rate will be lower.

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