Again, I have to say the Nebula 2.0 is not more than early beta release. Absolutley unuseable.

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edited August 18, 2020 1:06PM in Nebula Control Center
I'm sin 40 years in IT bussiness and had my last regular Zyxel purchase ~25 years ago. Few months ago i decided to try again Zyxel and bought some Zyxel parts and tried the Nebual 2. The result is not good.
Some of the problems are very small but with huge impact.
I Found the Business forum by mistake and post 2 articles. Then I wait to get a feedback. Nothing happens.
I tried to go again to the forum but I couldnt find it anymore. I spend around 90 minutes and tried every link one by one until I found the forume again. Meanwhile, I removed the devices from my customers network and replace them by parts from other manufactorer. Now I have expensive garbage in my warehouse.

- You hide the forum extremly good and thats a bit shit.
- Why I dont get an email when there are answers to my post?
- Why I cant mark an article as interesting and will get an email when there are new posts on it?

I guess, Zyxel have to monitor the nebula 2 through professional external companies to find the bugs/problems with the website. Zyxel abuse the customer as beta tester.


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