Move site to another organization with all the settings

Hi All, 

Is there a possibility to move a site from one organization to another (with all the settings)? 
Another question what is Smart steering (I have NAP102)? What will I notice then?
Thanks in advanced for your help. 



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    Hi @sverheggen ,
    About moving the site to the other organization is not supported yet but already in our road map, so it would be supported when the feature is done.
    The smart steering helps to monitor wireless clients and drop their connections to optimize the bandwidth when the clients are idle or have a low signal.
    There are two signal thresholds can be set in 2.4GHz and 5GHz.
    a. The ‘Station Signal Threshold’ means the stations can connect to the AP when the signal value is higher than the threshold.
    b. The ‘Disassociate Station Threshold’ means the connected stations will be disassociated when its signal is lower than the threshold.
    The default settings of the thresholds are the value we recommend and you can modify them based on the real environment and station connections.
    If you are using the Nebula pro-pack, you can set the different values of the smart steering for different APs by clicking the AP in radio setting list.
  • Thanks for your quick reply. Is there for you a possibility to move the site with a support request? 
    Other question: With the smart steering it enables a good wifi signal without disconnecting when walking from one point to another? If there also a relationship with this feature with DCS client aware? Thanks in advanced for your help. Regards, Stefan

  • Nebula_FredaNebula_Freda Zyxel Official Agent Posts: 217  mod
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    Hi @sverheggen ,
    For moving the site, I'll PM you for checking detail information.
    The smart steering will disconnecting the station lower than the threshold, so if you are planning to do roaming in the environment, please make sure the clients can keep the signal higher than the threshold, for example, if the lowest signal before the client roaming is -70dBm, please do set the threshold lower than -70dBm, otherwise the clients might be disconnected before roaming. However, if the signal is too low to use before roaming, please consider to adjust the AP's deployment or the output power.
    The DCS client aware is not related to the smart steering but only about if the DCS works when the schedule/interval time's up.
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