Client description since one of the latest updates

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edited August 18, 2020 1:06PM in Nebula Control Center
I already reopened an older post in regarding that issue, but as it seems to be related to one of the latest Nebula CC updates, also here. @Nebula_Chris, @Nebula_Bayardo, @Nebula_Jonas:  Is it by intention, that a) the client descriptions are not synced anymore between the different Nebula device categories (NSG, NAP, NSW) and b) is there a way to get the former "given names" of manually renamed (description field) devices back? For details see also link above.


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    Hi @flottmedia,

    I would like to update that this is a problem which are already fixing in progress. The estimate fixed will be next week, I'll make an update once the problem is solved. I've also replied to this post.

    Sorry for the inconvenience. ;)
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