ZyWALL USG Series - V4.38 firmware has been released!

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Thank you for choosing the ZyWALL USG Series. Zyxel is committed to updating your devices for the most advanced features continuously. This latest release further enhances ZyWALL USG Firewall's network protection, including:

“Express Mode" to Boost UTM Performance

ZyWALL USG series supports Express Mode with advanced cloud query technology, which has 30 billion of file IDs in Zyxel security cloud’s database and constantly adapts to new malware data every minute via threat intelligence machine learning. This innovative design improves the anti-malware detection efficiency, enabling it to verify the file ID within seconds to get the most optimal threat detection so that the ZyWALL USG series can gain higher throughput performance.

For the purchase/renewal of USG licenses, 

you can visit our new e-commerce platform Zyxel Marketplace.



Release Date: May 7th 2020

Supported Models: ZyWALL USG Series/ ZyWALL 110/310/1100


  • TigerTiger Member Posts: 2
    There is a bug in this software.  Under BWM configuration, when you choose "per-user" maximum, inbound and outbound is supposed to be blacked out.  Because this bug allows a "maximum", in per-user, the configuration becomes no different than "shared" setting.  Currently, under this software release, if I configure "per user" and I do a bandwidth download/upload speed test,  all users are getting max bandwidth.  Yes, I did tried configuring max inbound/outbound with a lower fixed setting and every user is still getting max bandwidth.  I need this bug fixed ASAP! Thanks.
  • Zyxel_CharlieZyxel_Charlie Zyxel Official Agent Posts: 848  mod
    @ Tiger
    Regarding to you mentioned"configuring max inbound/outbound with a lower fixed setting and every user is still getting max bandwidth",
    do you mean after you configure, for example: set per user, and configure 100 kbps on Maximum field. Each user will not be limited under 100 kbps bandwidth?

  • TigerTiger Member Posts: 2

    Ignore my post.  When I configured a "per user" BWM, I did not include port 80.  Port 80 is what I used to see if the newly configured BWM is actually taking effect.  When I included port 80, "per user" BMW works perfectly, therefore, no bug to fix.  You can't run an accurate test if you don't include the ports that you are testing.  Nothing to see here, good day and carry on.
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