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I have just setup a couple of switches on NCC. I have changed the Management VLAN to be 99, however it appears that traffic for the management VLAN is still untagged. I have the switches set as DHCP and my DHCP server is assigning the switches an address for the untagged VLAN, not VLAN 99.

I noticed when editing the Access Point there is the option to have have the the management VLAN tagged or untagged, where as the switches (GS1920) don't have this option.

Can anyone please explain what I am doing wrong.


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  • Zyxel_AlbertZyxel_Albert Zyxel Official Agent Posts: 24  mod

    Hi @Zippygiraffe

    Welcome to Zyxel forum. Because switch has no dedicated uplink port, it needs to be configured manually. You can change PVID of the port connected to DHCP server to 99, thus switch will request IP without tagged.

    Wish you have a wonderful day.

  • Hi, what I forgot to add was that DHCP is handled by my router (pfsense). The switch is connected to the router via a trunk port. All VLANs are allowed on the port, and the PVID is set to 99. The port is also flagged as uplink, I presume as that is the route to the internet for the switch.

  • Hi,

    I have solved the issue by changing the PVID on this trunk port back to be VLAN 1. I guess as having it as 99 both the untagged and the true management VLAN were both being tagged as 99 and the untagged DHCP server was winning.


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