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say we have 4 nebula switches. 1 is damaged and we need to replace it.
What is the procedure to replace and to get the specific configuration settings for that particular device to the new device?
same goes for a firewall replacement procedure.


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    In your case, there are two ways replacing the new unit.
    1.Contact Zyxel EU RMA team ([email protected]) for the RMA request.
    • Provide MAC address and Serial Number for the the problematic unit.
    2.Submit the RMA form and then local RMA team will contact you.

    When you replace the new nebula device, most of the settings will re-push automatically except for some specific configs that are required to setup manually as below:
    • Switch port related settings (e.g.: enable/disable RSTP, LLDP, PoE and etc),
    • Port Mirror
    • Setup Static IP
    • PoE Mode
    • SSID with Tag
    • Setup Static IP
    • Setup Static IP or PPPoE for WAN port.
    Hope this has been useful to you :)
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    but how do NCC know that my new unit is the correct one to push out the config to?
    say we have 4 switches and we loose 2.
    We then replace the 2 switches, how willl the config replacement work?
    do we say to NCC that mac address of the faulting unit should be replaced with the new unit?

    How about a youtube video such a procedure so we can have in documentation? :)
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    As my previous reply, only specific configs such as switch ports are required to setup manually. Configs that NCC pushes to online Nebula switches automatically are the global setting based on the site level. For example, when you replace 2 new nebula switches, you need to re-config your switch ports setting since there are no previous config settings on the new replacement (new mac address). Go to NCC > SWITCH > Configure > Switch ports, tick (a) switch port(s), edit and then you can determine which functions(e.g.: RSTP, LLDP, PoE schedule, port Type and so on) you would like to apply before click Update button as below.

    Other manual configurations such as port mirror, setup static IP and PoE mode are optional for the new unit.
    you can refer to the NCC user guide to guide you how to config.

    Global config setting such as IP filtering will apply to all Nebula switches automatically when connecting to NCC as below as an example:

    In summary, if you replace the new unit, you can follow the previous reply (manual config items) to re-config the settings on the new replacement referred by NCC user guide for more info.
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    I wonder if I do these flow, how about licenses?
  • FrankIversenFrankIversen Member Posts: 79  Ally Member
    so if I have a switch configured with a lot of different PVID vlans on different ports we need to setup this manually, correct? In that case a nice feature would be some kinde of .xml file with the settings we could export and import pr. switch since there could be a tremendous different settings on different ports on some switches?
  • Nebula_CSONebula_CSO Zyxel Official Agent Posts: 138  mod
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    The license won't be affected since it remains on the Org. When the new replacement is registered, it uses the these points.

    Yes, only the new replaced Nebula Switch has more implications and has to be re-configured manually for switch port settings (e.g.: PVID as you mentioned) in particular. Once it gets connected to NCC, NCC will rewrite all the configurations based on the site setting. As for NSG and NAP, they are mostly site-wide based with less (or none) efforts towards manual configurations.

    Besides, there was a post requesting the mechanism for backup configuration on idea section. You can give it a like and we will take this idea into account for the future deployment :)
  • FrankIversenFrankIversen Member Posts: 79  Ally Member
    Ok, thanks.
    But this should be implemented hopefully as soon as possible as this is a requirement for most of our customer due to their documentation policy and recovery time.
    We can of course use screenshots, but an export and import of an .xml (or other file) should really be implemented.
    If we loose 10 48-port switches during a lightning strike with a lot of vlan settings, I don't think it would be acceptible to rebuild this manually.
  • Nebula_CSONebula_CSO Zyxel Official Agent Posts: 138  mod

    We already have this backup/restore feature on our roadmap, but it requires time for the deployment. Please stay informed and I will have an internal discussion according to your advice for import/export xml files. B)
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