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Hello.....I have another issue with the WAN Failover on the USG 110 and I followed a youtube video provided by Zyxel called "Zyxel USG Series - How to Setup WAN Failover" and followed the whole video as per the requited tutorial and when I tested it out and did the ping test to both WAN connections both connections were still up and running at the same time. I want to mention I have one USG Zywall 110 with one LAN1 connection along with two WAN connections provided by two different ISP's. I hope this does not matter. Should I follow a different scenario? Such as a WAN Trunk? I want one connection to be active (WAN1) until it becomes unavailable then failover to the second connection passive (WAN2) then becomes the active connection. In the tutorial it states that the WAN2 should not up and running and not respond to ping, but mine is always pinging so I was not able to get past the test. Does anyone else know why this would be or have a better tutorial I can follow? Thank you in advance.

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    In routing you make a rule (top rule) for:

    incoming Interface

    member lan1

    next hop

    type Interface

    interface wan1


    Healthy Check


    Disable policy route automatically while Interface link down


    Enable Connectivity Check

    Put check this address your ISP gateway IP or DNS IP

    Next rule (below the above rule)

    incoming Interface

    member lan1

    next hop

    type Interface

    interface wan2

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    I did that in that exact order as that is exactly how the video instructed, but I did not the results as you indicated. The second connection was still pinging and never went to an inactive state. Thank you for your answer though. Do you happen to have any other suggestions?

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