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I have created a connection site to site but i have a problem.

The vpn is created and activated but I have not access from the other site.

the connection is between HQ and my home. I used usg20 and usg40.

In my Home, the Zyxel is located after the router (ISP). I have a subnet in my router and in my Zyxel

In VPN Gateway in my Zyxel, I choose wan1 (DHCP

In HQ, there are already VPN's to connect.

I probably forgot to configure a few things but I don't see

Thks for your help


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  • first, thks for drawing. it's perfect. (which program did you use ?)

    I have not configured any policy route (only those included because I reset it)

    In HQ, in log, I see "no rules DROP" and I see address IP (My PC at home)

    *I would like 2 VPN in different places (14.0/24 and 16.0/24)

    In my Home when I use command Ping

    In HQ

    thks for your help

  • Zyxel_JerryZyxel_Jerry Zyxel Official Agent Posts: 242  mod

    Hi @delescja

    I do a simple test on our site, if there is no policy route and no security policy blocked the packet, ping should works fine.

    I suspect that there might be some setting is not correctly.

    Can you share your configuration on VPN settings on both device?

  • delescjadelescja Member Posts: 3
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    Hi @Zyxel_Jerry

    Yes, it's possible. What exactly do you need ?

    Or would you like a connection with Teamviewer ?

  • Zyxel_JerryZyxel_Jerry Zyxel Official Agent Posts: 242  mod

    Hi @delescja

    Can you private message configuration file of both devices for check further?

    The startup-config.conf file is the configuration file that the Zyxel Device is currently using.

    Here is step to download startup-config.conf on the device.

    Go to Maintenance > File Manager > Configuration File > select startup-config.conf > click Download

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