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Dear all,

I've a question about admin privilege. I have some devices for testing/ demo with various customers. I'd like to add customers to their site only but when i add an admin, he/she will be organisation admin. It means the new member can see all the sites in organisation.
I cannot see anywhere to set the privilege but can see the 'search administrators' with the privilege. Can you guide me?

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    Hi @Nebz ,
    You have to select read-only for organization, then you can choose the site to assign a role to that admin



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  • NebzNebz Member Posts: 10  Freshman Member
    Thanks James, Can you guide me where to set it? When i add and admin, it has only Organisation access:

  • FrankIversenFrankIversen Member Posts: 71  Ally Member
    what is the procure to add an administrator for a MSP solution? I have gone to Administrator and added the email of our new user, but there is no place we can set password etc. for the administrator user.
    Does it work that the new administrator register a regular zyxel account, and then we use that to delegate him administrator role?
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    If you would like to grant the selected administrator, the admin email is required to be signed up on myZyxel. You can either add an admin email at first and then register it later or the other way round (1. register the email on MZC 2. grant the email for admin privilege). Please refer to FAQ > Getting Started > How to register a myZyxel account? for more information. Once the email account is registered, you can delegate him/her as an admin role on NCC > ORGANIZATION > Administrator > +Add admin, enter Name/Email and Organization access with Org or Site level privilege.

    I hope this has been helpful for you :)
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