Site-to-Site VPn with USG60 and USG20W with bridge for WLAN and LAN

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Hi folks,

i have some trouble with the following site-to-site VPN configuration.

On the central site i use an USG60 with actual firmware.

In the other site there is an USG20W. To use WLAN and LAN1 interfaces there is an bridge between both interfaces. This bridge is working fine and stable.

Now i need an Site-to-Site VPN between the 2 USG. Config is fine and the connection is established. (Both USG say so). From the USG20 site i can use the tunnel and everything works fine.

The Problem is from the USG60 site. There will be no communication to the USG20-Site. I guess it is not an firewall theme because i deactivated both firewalls and problem was still there.

Must there anything be done because of the bridge-configuration? The Bridges uses the IP-Range with LAN1 and WLAN in background.

Where is my blindness ?


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