Whatsapp/Alexa block

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Good morning,

I have an ATP100 that I use in the company and also at home being on the upper floor, however, I encountered several problems with some services that I cannot identify ...

For example, Whatsapp has not been downloading or uploading audio or video files to chats for a few days, while some Echo Dot Alexa devices do not connect to amazon thus effectively preventing registration, to resolve I have activated "forword" in "App Patrol" for these two propellers (see attachment), but nothing ... someone can help me?


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    Hi @Marko75

    Welcome to Zyxel community

    If it is blocked by App Patrol, it will display on the log

    Go to Monitor > Log > View Log > select the category : Application Patrol

    Can you have a screenshot on the page after the device try to connect to amazon?

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