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TAPTechTAPTech Member Posts: 75  Ally Member

Will ZYXEL be bringing the ATP series to Nebula?

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  • Mark_ZyxelMark_Zyxel Zyxel Support Campus Agent Posts: 109  mod

    Dear @TAPTech

    I moved your comment to the idea's section.

    I think it's a good idea. let me find out if there is already something on the roadmap!


  • TAPTechTAPTech Member Posts: 75  Ally Member

    Thanks Mark, we would really like to see this happen!

  • itxncitxnc Member Posts: 51  Ally Member
    Little birdies have said this is on the roadmap - hope so - would definitely be a step in right direction (*cough* UniFi *cough*). I'm not a big fan of Nebula right now because it hides so much functionality BUT jsut the direct remote access without having to VPN into a router along with centralized monitoring would be HUGE
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