Change default pop3 and smtp port for email security


a stupid question ... I didn't find how to change the default pop3/smtp port that email security scans. I use different accounts in our network with different ports and none uses the default ports


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    Hi @Pikappa  

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    Here is the command to specify the port

    Router(config)# utm-manager anti-spam defaultport <1..65535>

    Check defaultport by the command

    Router(config)# show utm-manager anti-spam defaultport

    Since you have the same post in another thread, we will remove the duplicated one.

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  • PikappaPikappa Member Posts: 2

    In the manual there is a section that reports:

    "The Zyxel Device’s email security feature checks SMTP (TCP port 25) and POP3 (TCP port 110) emails by default. You can also specify custom SMTP and POP3 ports for the Zyxel Device to check. " but there is no further instruction (!?)

    So .. Where/how can I specify the ports ?

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