[NEBULA] External Captive Portal authentication

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I work with many different AP brands with external captive portal.

This is are my current Authentication and Captive Portal settings.

I have a custom self coded portal that i use in other brands, but it is not working properly here.

The correct behaviour of the portal should be "Image below" --> video --> close portal pop-up

This is the URL i get when portal pops up:


So what's happening is when user clicks/taps 'Browse now' button, user should be authenticated and authorized, and then show a video that automatically closes when it's finished, but instead redirects to [myCPaddress]/loginexpecting server to have this .

Since there is not (or I could not find) any documentation about external captive portals, i don't know if Zyxel does not allow complete custom portals or has to follow any rules for it to work.

*I know there is a customizable portal available to download, but that's very basic and not what i need, since mine gets and posts data to servers and databases.

I'm currently stuck with it right here, any help would be appreciated.



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