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kysslingkyssling Member Posts: 29  Freshman Member

Hello, please can you explain me this question ...see first photo ContentFilter.jpg

: TEST result "URL is sexualy explicit" , but on Firefox is "Cannot display page". see Firefox.jpg

Why I dont see classic message "Web access is restricted. Please contact the administrator. (Pornography/Sexually Explicit)" - Firefoxhttp.jpg

Second question ... I must have Enabled "Enable HTTPS Domain Filter for HTTPS traffic" for detect https porn pages - is this correct ? If i have .pornhub. on Forbidden Web sites but doesnt help me for https ...

Thanks for answer ...

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  • JeremylinJeremylin Member Posts: 59  Ally Member

    Check Log message to realize the filter is working or not.

    As my scenario, I block Porn websites locally. Enable Https domain Filter, and

    safe search with some categories. Also, add some URL on Forbidden list.

    Sometimes, the session was kept, try to use incognito mode.

  • kysslingkyssling Member Posts: 29  Freshman Member

    Hi thanks for answer,

    i start testing and check logs ... I have two question ...

    1-Why Forbidden Websites does not work in some cases, for example: I add records to Forbidden websites and Profile-Forbidden websites without effects : .thepirate-bay.

    Enable Custom service - selected in profile settings

    Browser on stations show piratebay web ...

    2-Is true than most priority is Fobidden website than "Profile-Fobidden website"

    I add images on zip for better explanation problem

    Thanks for help. Vaclav

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