[NEBULA] How to schedule an event driven or at least a periodic restart of my AP with NEBULA?

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Hello, just to give you some context after several weeks of uninterrupted service my AP NWA 5123 AC-HD downgraded the uplink speed from 1000 to 100 Mbs.

I only noticed this because my network speed got throttled to 100 and I typically get 400-500 Mbs.

After careful inspection of logs I could see recent memory leaks and CPU pegging at 90 per cent. But still no direct explanation why the uplink speed got downgraded.

Thus I decided to restart the AP. After the restart the AP uplink speed displayed 1000.

no further memory leaks events could be seen .

I would like to be notified about the change of the uplink speed. It is critical event as apparently the AP firmware has bugs causing memory leaks.

And I would like to be able to trigger a restart of AP based on such an event.

FYI: I have a full version of NEBULA.


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