[NEBULA] What are the administrator privileges that can be configured on Nebula?

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Nebula supports a range of privileges that can be assigned to an administrator account, according to its role.

Once an organization has been created, Organization owner could add more administrators by clicking the +Add button in Organization-wide>Configure>Administrators. Here, it is only necessary to input the administrator name, email, if activated or not yet, and the access privilege which are explained as follow:

Organization Access:

Defines the access of the admin in the organization level.

  • Full: admin can modify every setting of the organization and all sites.
  • Read-Only: admin can only see organization-wide settings but cannot modify them. This admin might have specific site privileges. If sites privilege is not specified, the admin will have site read-only access by default.
  • None: admin cannot access Organization-wide pages. This admin must have specific site privileges defined, otherwise, access will not be given.
Site privileges:

For admins that manage one or more sites under the organization. This field will only be available by choosing Read-Only or None in Organization access.

  • Full: admin can see monitoring pages, add devices, and change settings in the site.
  • Read-Only: admin can see all pages including settings, but cannot change configuration and cannot add devices.
  • Monitor-Only: admin can only see the site's monitor pages.
  • Installer: admin can register devices in the site, and access device detail pages.
  • Guest Ambassador: admin can only create, remove or manage guest accounts using the Site-wide Cloud Authentication screen.

Note: administrators need to use the same account added above when signing up into Nebula Control Center.

As mentioned above, there is one more role called "Owner" which is assigned to the administrator account that created the organization, who has full access to the organization, cannot be deleted by other administrators, and it is the only able to use some of the MSP portal features such as License transfer. This role can only be transferred to another account by submitting a support request to Zyxel.

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