AP FW v5.40(AAXH.1) - does the AP should reboot regularly?

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We are using an AP WAC6103D-I on our USG110 (v4.35(AAPH.0). The AP has the current FW v5.40(AAXH.1) and is connected to a separate USG port in its separate zone.

Now it happened that the AP reboots automatically the second time, exactly to the same minute after one week. Is this a normal behaviour of the latest FW that APs will be rebootet regularly, or is it a pure chance?

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  • USG_UserUSG_User Member Posts: 124  Ally Member

    I've checked the separate WLAN/AP log. Seems the DCS (Dynamic Channel Selection), which is activated with us for every 6h, has changed the channel at this time. But is it necessary to reboot the entire AP for changing the channel?

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    @USG_User You can collect AP's Diagnostic info and attach it in the reply, which helps the Zyxel official user to analyse the issue and identify the reboot reason.

    Path: USG>Maintenance>Diagnostic>Collect on AP

  • Zyxel_PandaZyxel_Panda Zyxel Official Agent Posts: 86  mod

    Hi @USG_User

    As @RichardHan mentioned that you can collect AP's diagnostic log on the USG's GUI, so we can check the more details to clarify if AP reboot by itself or other factors and so on.

    I'll mail to you , then you can send it to me by email.


  • USG_UserUSG_User Member Posts: 124  Ally Member

    Thanks for your reply.

    I've tried to collect the diagnostic data on our AP. But I'm a little bit confused: When in MAINTENANCE>DIAGNOSTIC>COLLECT ON AP I can choose our AP from the list of "Available APs" and move it into the list box "Collected APs". But when click the button APPLY the AP will be returned into the box "Available APs".

    Now I moved our AP into the box "Collected APs" and press the button "Collect now" without clicking "Apply". This opens a small window "Diagnostic Information Collecting Status" which shows: "Please wait, collecting ..."

    How long will this collection last? Clicking the Cancel button didn't copy anything to the connected USB stick, insofar I think I should let it run until it will be finished by itself, isn't it?

  • USG_UserUSG_User Member Posts: 124  Ally Member

    Ok, finally after 15 minutes the collection has been finished. But no diagnostic file will be shown in section FILES, neither in Diagnostic Files nor Diagnostic Files on USB Storage.

  • Zyxel_PandaZyxel_Panda Zyxel Official Agent Posts: 86  mod

    Hi @USG_User

    I have sent the mail to you , did you see that? If yes, could you provide me the remote access information like using teamviewer or anydesk and so on , then I can access to you AP by SSH method to collect some logs by CLI commands.

  • USG_UserUSG_User Member Posts: 124  Ally Member

    Thanks Panda, I've sent you the access details by mail.

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