ZyWALL VPN2S Web Configurator unreachable


It is really hard to access the Web Configurator on the VPN2S. In Chrome it is almost impossible because it automatically redirects to HTTPS ( and doesn't accept the certificate so it doesn't load it. I could only access the Web Configurator in Internet Explorer with HTTP ( but it is really slow. Usually when there is traffic on the VPN2S it takes ages to load the Web Configurator.

Please help me debug this issue. Thank you!



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  • Zyxel_EmilyZyxel_Emily Zyxel Official Agent Posts: 477  mod

    Hi @Mishi,

    Here is the test result when using IE11 to access the web configurator of VPN2S via HTTP.

    Clear browsing history and enter

    The web GUI is loaded immediately after is entered.

    If you'd like to login web configurator without a warning page in the HTTPS page, create a self-signed certificate and import the certificate to the PC.

    1.   Configuration > Firewall/Security > Certificate > My Certificates Settings > Add.

    2.   View the certificate and click “Export Certificate Only”.

    3. Go to Configuration > Firewall/Security > Device Service > Certificate. Select the certificate that you just created.

    4. Right click the certificate and install the certificate on the laptop.

    Go Next on the first installation page and select the “Trusted Root Certificate Authorities” to save the certificate.

    5. Result

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