[NEBULA] How to monitor who is connecting to my guest wifi

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Hello there,

I have setup two SSID

1 for work

1for guest.

Guest is on a vlan,

and user need to log on facebook to have access to internet.

Where can i see who has log with facebook account on my guest-wifi ?

Or where can i see who has log with captive portal if i décide to change facebook to captive portal ?

New user of Nebula so don’t be to rude ;-)

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  • Nebula_FredaNebula_Freda Zyxel Official Agent Posts: 186  mod
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    Hi @Respawn2K,

    There are 3 ways you can check the users connection status.

    In AP> Monitor> Event log you can check the connected email.

    In AP> Monitor> Client as the screenshot showed. There's user's email information, authentication and SSID name in the page.

    In AP> Monitor> Summary report, if you use Nebula professional pack, you can email the report to your email and get the login email information.

    Hope it's helpful.

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