You’re Cordially Invited to Join Our #UnboxingforFREE Program

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We are happy to announce the launch of a new program - #UnboxingforFree in our business forum. As we are constantly seeking customers’ feedback and inputs to improve our products, we want to hear from you, too! By joining this unboxing program, you will receive our latest, state-of-the-art product and have an opportunity to test it out for FREE. All we are asking is that you write a review based on a few simple questions of our product and post it with a photo on Zyxel business forum.


In the first round of this unboxing program, we’re giving out our brand, new surveillance switch – GS1350-6HP.


Sounds interesting?

Check the following terms and reply back to us before November 22nd, 2019 to earn a chance to join!


**Prerequisite: You must be in the CCTV surveillance business to join.**


Step 1: Check your community points and # of post/comment:

Having at least 3 points and 1 post/comment or more prior to October 31th, 2019 is eligible to join.


Step 2: Reply to this post directly, or message @Nebula_Lai to let us know you are ready to join.


Step 3: We will review each submitted application and contact the eligible candidates for unboxing. (*A limited number of sample products are available. First come, first served!)


That’s it, and we’ll get back to you for soon.



  • AlfonsoAlfonso Member Posts: 234  Master Member

    Hi @Zyxel_Forum_Admin

    It looks a great idea. I would love to test any kind of new devices.

    Unfortunately i am not in the CCTV surveillance business (although i use that kind of service).

    I hope to be eligible in the following #UnboxingforFREE program devices.

    I love your program.


  • I do lots of office network and love to test drive the new Equipment.



  • RUnglaubeRUnglaube Member Posts: 127  Ally Member
    I would love to participate in the testing as well! Hope it's not too late.

    "You will never walk along"
  • Hello there,

    I am also interested in testing this model. Please consider adding me to the list.


  • While I am not in the CCTV business and will not qualify for this, I am very interested in the program. I currently use Zyxel USG and switches and am looking to expand with more Zyxel equipment. I love the ease of use of your products and hope to see you continue to improve the feature sets and one stop configuration for all devices and hopefully adding LAG to ATP - I was all set to purchase the ATP 500 or 800 but found out there was no LAG option.

    Keep up the good work!

  • I just heard about this opportunity today, on the 21st of November in the "WiFi 6, available in Nebula soon!" newsletter. We have installed a large number of CCTV cameras and would love to test out the new GS1350-6HP. I have also attended the local ZyXEL IP camera switch webinar.

  • I would like to join the team as well. Looking forward to hearing more.


  • Отличная идея! Я являюсь инженером по видеонаблюдению в крупном торговом доме и готов сделать большой обзор (на русском)

  • I'm also interested in testing and reviewing for a CCTV project at a customer :-)

  • Dear Zyxel Team,

    the company I am working for is doing all kind of IT-Services for our customers. At the moment we are not yet using Zyxel-Products for CCTV surveliance. We would like to have the chance to get to know your products and be delighted if you choose us for this unboxing.

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