controll USG20VPN-W radio over VPN

bavariabavaria Member, SecuReporterBeta Posts: 7
Hi together,

is it possible to controll the build in radio (wifi) from a USG20VPN-W over a VPN with an USG 110 on the other VPN side?


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  • lalalandlalaland Member Posts: 36  Freshman Member
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    Which interface is vpn subnet on USG20W? Lan 1 or Lan 2?
    You can set up outgoing interface on SSID profile for wireless client to access peer USG110 subnet.

    Assume you establish site to site vpn from usg20 lan 1, then set the outgoing interface to lan 1 on ssid profile. in this way, wireless client and lan 1 are same ip/subnet.and it can access to peer subnet.

  • bavariabavaria Member, SecuReporterBeta Posts: 7
    Sorry thats not what I asked, or I don't unterstand you answer.
    Maybe my questions was not good enough.

    I managing divers AP from the USG110, I would like to manage the build-in AP from the USG20-VPN over VPN from the USG110 AP controller. (If I change the AP-Profile within the USG110 - I would like that the USG20-VPN build-in AP get this configuration automatically)

    Is this possible?
  • Zyxel_EmilyZyxel_Emily Zyxel Official Agent Posts: 540  mod
    Hi @bavaria,

    If USG110 works as AP controller, you can manage the external Zyxel APs which are connected to USG20W-VPN over VPN only. The local built-in AP of USG20W-VPN cannot be controlled by USG110.

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