Why does the firmware version show as 4.35(VVVV.0)/4.35(WWWW.0) /4.35(ZZZZ.0)/4.35(YYYY.0)?

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The behavior was mentioned on page 20 of the release note.

Select the Standby firmware row and click Reboot. 

After the device reboots, the correct firmware version is able to be shown on the web GUI.



  • We do upgrade to 4.35 on USG110 from WK35, but after reboot we still see ZZZZ.0 and our model name changed to SHARE110.
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    I've uploaded ZLD 4.35 to the USG110 without rebooting the device. After the upload succeeded the table shows N/A in all columns of the newly uploaded firmware. Could I nevertheless reboot the device choosing line 1 with N/A for getting 4.35 running?

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    Hi @USG_User & @zdenek,

    Download the firmware 4.35 at myZyxel.com manually and try to upload 4.35 to USG110 manually.

    After 4.35 is uploaded to USG110 and reboot the device, see if 4.35 is correctly shown on web GUI.


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    Hi Emily,
    Thanks for your reply.
    I've already downloaded the firmware manually from myZyxel.com. This is always our prefered method. Then I've uploaded it manually into the stand-by channel of the USG without automatic rebooting. Should I now rebooting the device keeping the 4.33 running for proper recognizing of the new firmware 4.35, or could I directly choose the "N/A" channel as new startup firmware when rebooting although firmware is not yet recognized correctly?

    I can't understand why Zyxel is releasing such firmware versions which are confusing the customers. This is a production system here with us and I don't have time to discover the best way first before upgrading firmware. Sorry, but not nice.
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    Hi @USG_User,

    If the firmware version in the standby partition shows as 4.35 and not N/A, you can select the Standby firmware row and click Reboot.

    Firmware Status

    Running-  4.33

    Standby-  4.35

    You can also backup the startup-config.conf on the Running partition 4.33 before firmware upgrading.

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    Thanks Emily,
    so the right sequence is:
    1. Uploading the 4.35 to USG without automatic reboot. The new 4.35 will be uploaded but
        not recognized correctly. In our case shown as "N/A"
    2. Reboot the USG with keeping the 4.33 as startup firmware
    3. After reboot the USG should show the new firmware at standby-channel correctly as 4.35
    4. Reboot the USG with chosing 4.35 as startup firmware.

    Will proceed in that way.
  • USG_UserUSG_User Member Posts: 139  Ally Member
    Unfortunately after rebooting the USG with current FW 4.33, the standby FW 4.35 has been shown nevertheless still as "ZZZZ.0 / share110".   But with courage we have rebooted the device now, chosing the ZZZZ.0 / share110 at standby channel as new startup firmware and after the reboot the entry ZZZZ.0 is gone and finally shown as 4.35 :)
  • CDSCDS Member Posts: 14  Freshman Member
    Does anyone else have the problem that after upgrating 4.33 --> 4.35 the config is considered "bad" by the USG - and the default config loaded?
    This happens consistently for me ...
    Any idea how to find out what is "bad" and why?
  • Zyxel_EmilyZyxel_Emily Zyxel Official Agent Posts: 731  mod
    Hi @CDS,
    Connect console and collect console logs when you upgrade the device from 4.33 to 4.35.
    If it failed to apply startup configuration file, you'll find the reason in "ERROR:".

  • Username_is_reservedUsername_is_reserved Member Posts: 67  Ally Member
    Where are the new FW? I found only the old one:
    Firmware ZyWALL USG 300 3.30(AQE.7)C0 January 21, 2015
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