A Breath of Fresh Air: Nebula 8.1 release, a stylish UI and more powerful features

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Hi Nebula fellows:

A major redesign of the Nebula Control Center (NCC) release now. In this release, Nebula not only introduces important aesthetic and usability enhancements with its stylish user interface (Beta), but also features an array of intelligent management tools and even more device compatibility. Let’s glance at what’s new! (View full introduction)

UI2.0 (Beta) & Front-end Improvements to empower users: Upon login to the new Nebula UI2.0, it is not hard for Nebula devotees to notice the update’s focal point: a visually pleasing UI, as shown below. The pristine, ivory backdrop lines up with the existing aesthetics of the Nebula app, achieving a consistent look and feel across devices.

Frist Time Startup Wizard: It now supports gateway settings, allowing users to easily complete an entire network setup with a simple few clicks.

Smart Engine: Nebula’s smart engine makes it even easier to correlate settings and events across the entire network.

Functionality Enhancements: Starting from 8.1 release, Nebula users with the security pack license can now also see the network usage analysis from a client point-of-view.

New switch member: The full 10G aggregation switch XS3800-28 can serve as the core of a Nebula network.

Additionally, you can check the detailed upgrades on Release Note

Nebula Control Center (NCC)

Nebula Security Gateway (NSG)



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