Any automation / Backup software for zyxel products?


I manage 10 zyxel USG's and a few switchs. Im looking to imporve my change control / backups

Does zyxel have / recommend any software / method that would automate config backups?

id also be interested in anything that can generate a alert on config chage.

my question inspired by this -

thanks in advance


  • RUnglaubeRUnglaube Member Posts: 135  Ally Member

    Are you using those switches with Nebula or standalone?

    I know Nebula has a backup and restore tool but it's not automatic, you need to back it up yourself. Then I've also heard the USGs have a backup mechanism but I cannot tell you much about it.

    Nebula do have config change alerts.

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  • EmeraldEmerald Member Posts: 10
    humm.. Ill trial nebula free and have a look.

    Ideally i want some software that will ssh out to kit and tftp down backups.
    Id then do a kdiff maybe
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