[NEBULA] How to reset a second WiFi in the same organization?

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I have two different WiFi, the main one and a guest. Now I have a problem with the guest WiFi, because I have no access to the internet with the guest WiFi, although the main WiFi has access. Some devices on the guest WiFi (smart devices) still have access what confuses me more...

How can I reset just the guest WiFi on Nebula?

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  • Nebula_JonasNebula_Jonas Zyxel Official Agent Posts: 126  mod

    Hi @Jacobb,

    The method to reset the guest Wi-Fi on Nebula is to disable "Guest Network" then wait for the AP configuration status to be "Up to date" then enable "Guest Network" again, but if there is any misconfiguration the problem won't be solved.

    Based on the description, it's odd that the smart devices must have the same result.

    When the smart devices cannot access the internet through guest Wi-Fi, does it successfully get an IP address? If yes, could it ping the gateway?

    May I know how many SSID with guest Wi-Fi enabled and all SSID is configured with different VLAN, am I right?



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