NWA1123AC: HD vs PRO?



  • HomelabHomelab Member Posts: 13

    OK thanks. Let's assume that I DO have frequent interference from radar; I assume that I can turn off the DFS feature on the AP so it does not waste time/resources trying the DFS channels?

  • RTH10RTH10 Member Posts: 24  Freshman Member

    Indeed, you are not compelled to be using the DFS channels at all; actually given that the HD type of AP sports a way stronger 5GHz signal as compared to its non-high density counterpart you may not need to rely on DFS channels at all;

  • Zyxel_PandaZyxel_Panda Zyxel Official Agent Posts: 88  mod

    Hi @Homelab

    Exactly! DFS channels are optional on the AP, so you can decide whether to use or not with these channels depending on your environment.

    Thanks @RTH10 for the answer.

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