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Hi is there a way to configure the NSG100 to have static WAN IP addresses rather than them being assigned from DHCP?

I can see by looking at the NSG series manual you can change the WAN to a static IP address if manually configuring the device through a browser to its local LAN IP address, but how about configuring it through NCC, is the feature available and is so how is it done?


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  • Chris

    Thanks for confirming this for me.


  • Its really strange that the feature is not existing, because I have configured 8 deference buildings in deferent City’s and countries and now I should change the wan IP Addresses and been shocked to see it’s not there, I can’t go to each City to change the IP Addressee, actually after that the device is registered by NCC you can’t login in Device Locally. now I am totally blocked and need immediately help from Zyxel.

  • Alexandrian

    In my case when I posted this question I was concerned the NSG100 would not pick up/be assigned the correct WAN IP address but it did with leaving the device on DHCP assigned.

    As long as your ISP is pushing out the correct static IP address you should be fine to leave it on this setting.

    In saying this, I still think it might be useful to have this facility in NCC.


  • iversivers Member Posts: 36  Freshman Member


    I think you can still access via WAN to the device then change the IP, just put the access IP into the web access white list at Gateway>Firewall, Web (local status & configuration)

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