[NEBULA] Could not login to Android application Network Manager

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I`m sorry, but i don`t know where to post my question.

I`m using Zyxel device and login and manager devices on PC with account: abc**@gmail.com
I want to use Android App with my Phone (Google app account: def**@gmail.com)
I`ve downloaded and installed Network Manager App to my phone, but when open App, there is no login box. And result: there is no device in screen :((. (I dont want to change my Phone Google account).

Anyone solved this?
Please help me!!!


  • Nebula_CharmingNebula_Charming Zyxel Official Agent Posts: 36  mod
    Hi BichTran,
    We've tested with an android phone (HTC A9 android 6.0.1) and it looks fine with the login box.
    Try with 3 accounts, they can go through the login page successfully and see the org/site/devices.
    Is App the latest version (1.0.5)?
    Please check the version of your phone and App first and reply with the symptom you observed.
    Here's the login pages for your reference.
    Don't worry about the account. According to the trial, it's nothing to do with the google account. :)
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    Good morning..

    Thank you very much for you quickly reply.
    I`m sorry, I did not explain clearly. Actually, I can install and login normally [Nebula Mobile] on my device: Only monitoring network device.
    -> It`s OK.

    By my problem is [Network Manager]: There no where to login when start app. (As screenshoots of this App in Google play, maybe I can monitor and change configuration of my device from mobile phone. It`s right?)

    Thanks for you helps!!

  • Nebula_CharmingNebula_Charming Zyxel Official Agent Posts: 36  mod
    Hi BichTran,
    The [Network Manager] is not used to manage the Nebula device. The support models are listed below as the screenshot.

    Please use [Nebula Mobile] to monitor/register the Nebula devices.
    Our Nebula Mobile Apps currently supports lite functions such as monitoring/ QR code scanner and mounted devices by uploading captured device photo, you can refer to FAQ > Getting Started > What is Nebula Mobile Apps and How to use it on mobile devices? for more detail information.
  • BichTranBichTran Member Posts: 3  Freshman Member
    Hi mod,
    Yes, I see.
    Thank you very much!!!
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