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I am testing some remote management tools to allow restoration of system images remotely. These are small installations. I have my device pxebooting, getting an ip, but it can never hit the tftp server on the other side of my point-to-point.

I have the following setup under Local LAN - Extended options

Bootfile 67 TEXT bootfilename.ext

TFTP_Server 150 IP "local ip of my tftp server n the other side of the vpn"

TFTP_Server_Name 66 TEXT "same IP as above"

In another firewall I had to add a firewall rule to allow any/any from WAN1, port 69?

Any suggestions?

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  • Nebula_ChrisNebula_Chris Zyxel Official Agent Posts: 260  mod

    Hello @MarkSL

    Welcome back to the community!

    In current stage NSG do not support PXE scenario, we have put this in feature queue and I will move this post to the idea section anyone who like this idea can leave your comment to let us know what you think or press like button in below.🙂


  • MarkSLMarkSL Member Posts: 9

    This is going to be a big issue as I was told differently in a prior conversation. Please make sure everyone knows the feature set of your devices. This makes you and now me look bad. May have to pull your devices and find one that does work now.

    Also, why are the options listed if they do not work?

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