NWA1123 AC PRO Nebula config

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Hi all,

I've recently purchased several NWA1123 AC PRO access points, and am immediately baffled. I'll admit, it's probably me.

I've attached one of the devices to my LAN via the POE/Uplink port and successfully attached it to my network's management VLAN - static IP address, VLAN ID, tagged. So far so good. I can manage the device via Nebula, and connect to it on the local LAN.

This is where things fall down. As soon as I connect LAN1 to my LAN, it disappears from both Nebula and the local network. Remove the cable, everything comes back. Could someone explain what the purpose of both the UPLINK/POE and LAN1 ports are for? I'm so far assuming the uplink port is for Nebula/management and the LAN1 port is for routing the wifi traffic, but I'm beginning to suspect I've got the wrong end of the stick...

Any assistant much appreciated...



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    The LAN ports are there to connect another AP mainly. If you connect the LAN 1 back to your switch, you are probably creating a loop.

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