Feature Request: Enhance Data Presentation for L2TP Over IPSec VPN Clients

林追追林追追 Member Posts: 39  Freshman Member

Hi Team,

For client's L2TP over IPSec VPN on NSG gateways, what ZYXEL has designed is to display just the very minimum status of L2TP over IPSec VPN client connection for now, namely User Name, Hostname, Assigned IP, and Public IP.

From distributor's perspective, we believe this is not meeting customer expectation and Nebula's vision. Hence, we would like to request for features below:

  • To have client usage upon last heartbeat;
  • Total usage across all clients summary chart (by period) separated from “Site to Site VPN” usage chart;
  • Tunnel uptime.

For your consideration based on a key end user's feedback.



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