[NEBULA] What model supports Nebula CC currently?

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The followings are all the models which support Nebula CC now.

We will update this post if there is a new model supports Nebula CC.

Access Point
  • NAP102, NAP203, NAP303, NAP353
  • NWA1123ACv2, NWA1123AC-PRO, NWA1123-AC HD, NWA1302-AC, NWA5123-AC HD
  • WAC6303D-S, WAC6103D-I, WAC6502D-E, WAC6502D-S, WAC6503D-S, WAC6552D-S, WAC6553D-E
  • NWA110AX, WAX510D, WAX650S, WAX610D, NWA210AX
  • NSW100-10, NSW100-10P, NSW100-28, NSW100-28P, NSW200-28P
  • GS1350-6HP, GS1350-12HP, GS1350-18HP, GS1350-26HP
  • GS1920-8HPv2, GS1920-24v2, GS1920-24HPv2, GS1920-48v2, GS1920-48HPv2
  • GS2220-10, GS2220-10HP, GS2220-28, GS2220-28HP, GS2220-50, GS2220-50HP
  • XS1930-10, XS1930-12HP
  • XGS1930-28, XGS1930-28HP, XGS1930-52, XGS1930-52HP
  • XS3800-28
  • NSG50, NSG100, NSG200, NSG300
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