[NEBULA] Alias for Nebula device and a device Name for Add device by Nebula APP


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  • Nebula_FredaNebula_Freda Zyxel Official Agent Posts: 248  mod
    Hi @flottmedia
    This behavior is correct because the client's name was recorded with the IP but not the client's MAC in current design.
    However, we noted that might make the user feel confused, so we're going to enhance  for changing name of NSG's clients.
  • flottmediaflottmedia Member Posts: 54  Ally Member
    It's been a while since we talked about this issue / suggettion, @Nebula_Freda@Nebula_CSO, but with one of the latest Nebula CC / firmware updates the client alias (description field) seems to have been messed up again. At least, a lot our our formerly manually "named" devices now have their MAC / submitted device name as description again and our "given name" is lost. Furthermore, the device description doesn't seem to be in sync anymore between the different Nebula device types (NAP, NSW, NSG). For example a device now (again) can have a different description as AP-Client or as Switch-Client, and changing the description in one of the lists (e.g. AP > Clients) doesn't change the description in the other lists (Switch > Clients, Gateway > Clients). Beside that it would be great to have the sync back, is there any chance to get the manually set descriptions (our "given names") back, that have been lost after the update?

  • 唐小鴨唐小鴨 Member Posts: 7
    I just did a test for changing the connected client's name and the result was the same as @Nebula_Freda mentioned that the NAP and NSW got the modified name but the NSG kept the original name.
    So, it seems not the same as you said that the description of the client is different in NAP and NSW. Would you share how did you modify it? Is there any special steps to follow?
  • flottmediaflottmedia Member Posts: 54  Ally Member
    As far as I can see, there are two issues at the moment:

    1. (Still) a name change via "Edit Name" in AP / Switch is only reflected in AP > Clients and SW > Clients, but NOT in GW > Clients and vice versa. For me this is clearly a bug and I don't see any reason for this behavior, because it simply leads to inconsistencies. We have one site / organization and all "given names" for one unique MAC should be consistent for AP's, SW's and GW's client lists (at least in this site / organization).

    2. Since one of the latest Nebula updates, clients that have been "renamed" before / in the past in one of the interfaces (GW > Clients, AP/SW > Clients) lost this "given name" in (some of) the lists, although the name seems to be still existent if you click on "edit name". I assume this a new bug intependent from (1).

    Here a few screenshots from a device named "mur-wz-harmony" last year and that is now displayed (again) as "HarmonyHub" in AP / SW client lists, and (still correct) as "mur-wz-harmony" in GW > Clients. The correct device name also shows up when clicking on the "Edit Name" button in AP / SW > Clients > Details for this device:

    AP > Clients

    GW > Clients 

    AP > Clients > Details > Edit Name

    But the above described bug (2) is even worse as many of the given names in GW > Clients AND AP / SW > Clients are simply gone. Those devices are now (again) displayed with their preferred DHCP client name or their MAC, which means a lot of work is lost or needs to be redone, if there isn't any way to recover those names from the Nebula data from before the update.
  • Nebula_JonasNebula_Jonas Zyxel Official Agent Posts: 137  mod
    Hi @flottmedia,

    Thanks for the detailed information.
    I would like to inform that we also noticed this problem and already fixing in progress, the estimate time of the fix will be next week. I'll make an update once it's fixed.

    Sorry for the inconvenience.

  • flottmediaflottmedia Member Posts: 54  Ally Member
    Thanks for the follow-up, @Nebula_Jonas. As "next week" is already over and we still face this issue, are there any updates about the fix?

  • Nebula_JonasNebula_Jonas Zyxel Official Agent Posts: 137  mod
    Hi @flottmedia,

    Yes, the fixed was already upload last week.
    I would like to update that I've made a local LAB test and confirmed that the problem is already fixed.
    Could you share your organization/site name, and activate Zyxel Support (HELP > Support request), so I could verify the current status?

  • flottmediaflottmedia Member Posts: 54  Ally Member
    OK, @Nebula_Jonas, support user [email protected] is now activated for the organization (identical to our username). Indeed, most of the devices meanwhile have their name back, but we see several MACs that had been renamed and seem to have lost their description, e.g. XX:XX:XX:8B:70:AC, XX:XX:XX:6B:8B:38 or XX:XX:XX:7B:B2:D0. The last MAC currently even appears twice in the gateway client list, what (at least from my point of view) should not happen, should it? 

  • Nebula_JonasNebula_Jonas Zyxel Official Agent Posts: 137  mod
    edited June 17, 2020 11:44PM
    Hi @flottmedia,

    I would like to inform that, the fixed won't affect the hostname which already been edited before.
    So the normal behavior of the fixed will be, all the device hostname should be displayed as it's edited.

    After checking the current status of this 3 MAC:
    1) XX:XX:XX:6B:8B:38 - diplayed hostname "tp-win10x64".
    > May I know if you had manually edit it, or it also came back after the fixed?

    2) XX:XX:XX:8B:70:AC, XX:XX:XX:7B:B2:D0.
    > Just would like to clarify that for these two MAC, it also been edited before?

    3) For the MAC XX:XX:XX:7B:B2:D0 showed twice.
    > I assume that you've filtered 30 days, it will displayed twice because the device got different IPs before.

  • flottmediaflottmedia Member Posts: 54  Ally Member
    edited June 18, 2020 1:12AM
    Thanks for the follow-up, @Nebula_Jonas. I'm not sure, if I understand your "editing question" completely, but to clarify (2): yes, both MACs had been edited and have shown their correct name before the bug, but did not get their name back after the fix.

    Regarding (3): correct, we are talking about 30 days, but the DHCP client lease time of this subnet is set to "forever". I would assume that this should prevent clients from getting different IPs, shouldn't it?

    Issue (1) is even more mysterious: yes, we had renamed a GW-Client to "tp-win10x64" (long time before the bug), but this client (a Hyper-V VM), that has not been online for months has had a completely different MAC (00:15:5D:78:FF:08). We did definitely NOT rename the MAC XX:XX:XX:6B:8B:38 to this name. Same goes for GW client with current description "rl-iphone-6". This name had been given to an Apple device (as you can guess) and is now assigned to XX:XX:XX:6B:8B:A2 while the same MAC also appears in the client list without description:

    Same for different other devices. I assume there is still a bug somewhere in the naming history, maybe based on the fact that "client's name was recorded with the IP but not the client's MAC in current design" as @Nebula_Freda stated above? 

    How can we "clean up" all of those issues completely?

    And, another question: is it meanwhile possible to delete the client history somehow, e.g. to get rid of a specific (temporarily connected) client in the lists? 
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