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In our office we have setup multiple ap's using NAP 102's. The problem is that one NAP 102 only connects for short periods of time and then goes offline again (showing green, amber lights). The other NAP says it has an wireless uplink and the required ip adresses, but is not giving any internet. It has never had any traffick and the clients that are connected to that NAP don't have internet. The NAP connected directly with the network through LAN is working as it should. Why are the other two NAP's not working?

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    Hi @vandyckbrown,

    Welcome to Zyxel Community!

    Based on the description, 
    May I know if these two NAP102 has enabled smart-mesh?

    1. NAP102 (showing green amber lights)
    Zyxel: Blinking green and amber light means that the device is booting up. Does the frequency is accurate every 30 minutes?
    If yes, I assume that the device is powered on by an adapter then the device will become a repeater and if it cannot reach the root AP within 30 minutes the NAP102 will auto reboot repeatedly.
    If no, please check if there is any PoE schedule configured in the PoE switch.

    2. The second NAP102.
    Zyxel: I would like to clarify if the gateway could ping the NAP102 interface? 
    If yes, are the signal strength of the smart-mesh is good?
    Please help to check if the smart-mesh and LAN port is in the same subnet.

  • They should have it enabled, but where can I check that? Can't find it in the control center or web interface.

    I'm currently not using an PoE, should I? (If yes, how?)

    The signal strenghts and stuff are all good.
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    Hi @vandyckbrown,

    Thanks for the feedback.
    I'll PM you to retrieve more detail information to verify the current status.

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