DHCP, Gratuitous ARP, and Proxy ARP with XP

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Yes XP is dead but I use it for testing and does a odd Decline for DHCP with this setup that WIN 7 & 10 or Ubuntu are fine with but found a reg key that fixed XP so I wanted to post this to show the problem I was having.

The setup is with a ZyWALL 110 and a port based VLAN like this:


With a VLAN 18 setup with set to Interface type general:

DHCP server

IP pool start address pool size 3

Default router vlan18 IP

Enable Proxy ARP

Here what happens with win 10 that works fine

Here what happens with win XP

As you can see XP fails but with this registry key


it works!

So I was wondering if anything can be done on the USG/ZyWALL that would allow clients like XP to just work? 


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