How to setup static IP for Nebula Switch at the deployment stage?

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Scenario: The user wants his Nebula Switch using static IP to get online on Nebula CC

In general, the followings are the normal steps to configure at the deployment stage:
1. Configure Nebula Switch with static IP via WebGUI or ZON utility, but don't let it connects to the Internet.
2. Go to Nebula CC, register Nebula Switch and add it to the site.
3. Configure static IP for the Nebula Switch on Nebula CC.
4. Now, you can let the Nebula Switch connect to the Internet to get online on Nebula CC.

What could be wrong: 
The default configuration on Nebula CC is DHCP, so if the Nebula Switch gets online before configuring static IP on Nebula CC first, it will get DHCP configuration from Nebula CC. If there is no DHCP server in the user's network environment, the Nebula Switch will disconnect from Nebula CC.

Although Nebula Switch has roll back mechanism for management IP, it will still try to use DHCP to get online every 40 seconds. That means, the Switch may offline every 40 seconds.

That is why we recommend to follow the steps above at the deployment stage.
If you really forget to pre-configure static IP on Nebula CC before the Nebula Switch get online, you may still configure it afterward on Nebula CC to make the configuration on local device consistent with that on Nebula CC, then you may avoid the symptom above.
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