What should I do if my nebula device cannot get online on NCC?

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Issue1: If you find that the device has already been registered.

Zyxel: This means the device hasn’t been unregistered by the last owner. Please contact Zyxel support team via the device registration page in Nebula Control Center. The following picture is an example for your reference; click on “here” and provide the related information via the form. We will assist you to solve the issue soon.

Issue2:  If your device has been registered but cannot be configured correctly.

Zyxel: If the device cannot get online on Nebula Control Center when you do the registration, please reset the device. You can find the reset hole on the back of the device, near the Ethernet port connection.
If the device can get online on Nebula Control Center but cannot broadcast your SSID promptly, please reset the device. If the issue still happens, you can proceed to contact Zyxel support for further assistance.
For the LED behavior, take a look at the Nebula Control Center online documentation page to gain more information.

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