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I am building my first tunnel on Nebula. Tunnel connects and I have one way traffic into the ASA site. However, not the other direction into the NSG.

Does Nebula not auto build the basic NAT policies? I have the LAN selected for VPN.


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    Hello @MarkSL
    Welcome to the community!
    Noticed that you also report the same question on eITS, have reply you on mail. Please follow up on eITS channel, I will also update the result on here. :)

  • MarkSLMarkSL Member Posts: 13
    This has been resolved. NSG does not allow a single host to be entered, it forces it into network format. We test a lot of firewalls and this is a common item to look out for, example SonicWall forces the opposite.

    After adjusting the ASA to match, we are connected with two way traffic.

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