Source NAT with SBG

i'm relatively new to this kind of routers and i' m trying various configurations.
One of this is snat or source nat.
I have a wan configured with a set of ip given by my provider, and another set wich i should use to navigate and publish hosts.
The problem is that i'm unable to publish an host or a port of an host with my public ip.
If i configure the basic the router let me navigate with the wan address which i can't use but with an address mapping i solve the problem.
The problem which i'm facing is the normal port forwarding or snat, because i' m unable to user other than the wan address.
The provider has already created a route for the point-to-point interface ( or wan ) and the public ip which i have bought with the line, nut i'm unable to have a port forwarding with the public pool of ip.
I would like to know if someone had a similar problem and if was able to solve it.
Thanks a lot

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