GS1910-48HP Tagged and Untagged VLANS

Id like to set a port so that on that port traffic in VLAN 1 is untagged and traffic in VLAN 10 is Tagged in and out.

What I'm trying to configure is a Draytec switch that has one port with untagged traffic and the same port with traffic tagged in VLAN10 intended for a separate subnet. The Draytek will be plugged in to one port on the 1910. I then want two ports that go to 2 x Zyxel Wi-Fi AP's that accept untagged traffic to go out on one SSID and packets tagged in VLAN10 to go to another SSID.

I'm finding the VLAN Port Configuration page in the GS1910 pretty inpenetrable. It looks like it may not be possible to configure the behaviour of a port that carries traffic for more than one VLAN

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    Hi @KenS

    Welcome to the Zyxel community!

    Based on your description, GS1910 is capable of doing VLAN setting as per your requirement.
    Said if you link the Draytek in port 1 of GS1910:
    Go to Configuration -> VLANs -> Port VLAN 
    Configure Port 1 like below (this is web-GUI of 2.00 firmware)

    In this way, port 1 can untagged out VLAN 1 and also tagged out VLAN 10 packets.
    Hope this is what you seek.

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