GS1900-24E corrupted firmware

We are having issues with our gs1900-24e switch. It seems that the device firmware has been corrupted after attempting to upgrade. At first,  upon uploading the firmware v2.40, the interface hang. And as we try to reaccess it in the browser, it acts normal only until the login page. After logging in, all we can see is a blank page. Since we had no option to reboot from the interface, we attempted to shut it down using the physical switch button at the back of the device. The device now is inaccessible after restart. Only the PWR and SYS LED are lighting up. Port LED where the data is connected is not lighting UP. Hard reset has been done as well. We can’t see any additional TS to fix the issue in the knowledge base. Anyone, please advise.


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    According to your description, it is very odd coz you mentioned that you can see the login page but the port LED is not light up... You can try to press the reset button in the front panel again for about 10 seconds to force the switch to reboot to default, then check if it can solve the problem. 
    For the port LED status, I think you can refer their switch user guide to check if your switch can normally booted up.

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    Hi @D_Shadow ,

    Sorry for the late reply. As what I've mentioned, port LED started not to light up only after the force restart (by switch button). Reset button has been used already - press reset for 10 secs with power plugged and reset with no power then plugged. SYS LED has been blinking (rebooting as described by the manual) infinitely. Since this device has no console port, my only left option right now is to contact the vendor and I wish i could speak with a technical support but it seems their contact number is unreachable from our end. Also, sent an email but received no reply.

    Thanks for the kind response.
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    Hello @Dloy,

    Ohh~~ Based on the user guide if the SYS LED keeps on blinking, it means that the device is still rebooting. In the current situation, if the vendor is unreachable I think we should wait for the Zyxel support for now. As you mentioned GS1900-24E doesn't have a console port for troubleshooting.

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    Hi @Dloy

    Given the fact that your device cannot be rebooted to factory default through pressing the button, the device is possibly corrupted and we suggest you to do RMA for it. I will PM you for the detail info.

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