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When inputting a name for a port in the Port Setup of a GS19xx series, only 6 characters are visible in the box - how can this be expanded to view the full name?

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    Hi @RSP

    Welcome to Zyxel Community!

    In Port Setup, we limit the visibility of port name in 8 characters due to certain design concern of UI.
    However you can still see the full name of specific port in Status => Port Status => Port Details.

    Hope it helps.

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    Hi Zyxel_Lucious Thanks for your response. As I can enter many more than 8 characters into a port name, I'd expect to be able to view that with ease on the Port Status page - no other columns are truncated. I'm not sure what you mean by "design concern of UI", as the limiting to 8 characters still causes it to spill onto a second line in some cases - for example if you have a couple of W's in the name - on the Port Status. On my screen for example at 100% zoom, the port status table finishes less than half way across the screen, in much the same way as the Status screen in your first image. In the Port Setup, the box can start scrolling after 5 wide characters. Having to enter each page of Port Detail to find the full port name, because names generally differ in the last couple of characters, is tiresome. It's not possible in our instance to see which server is connected to which port (by port name) on either the Port Setup or Port Status pages. I had a requirement to print a port/name map, but even with the 8 character limit on the Port Status as opposed to the 6-ish character limit on the Port Setup page, I still can't produce a suitable print and will have to do it manually, clicking through up to a hundred web pages to find the data needed! I've also discovered that I cannot get a full print, as a print only shows the first 38 ports of a 48-port switch.
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    Hi @RSP

    Thank you for your explanation.
    The over length of port name may cause a length inconsistency between the header and content rows.

    However your concern/request about visibility enhancement is understandable and reasonable. We just put the request into our "Idea" discussion thread and will have an internal evaluation accordingly.

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