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ocean77ocean77 Member Posts: 14  Freshman Member
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Is there a way to see all client devices that are connected to a NSW port?
It is a bit troublesome to only see one client connected via the switch port configuration page through LLDP.



  • Nebula_DeanNebula_Dean Zyxel Official Agent Posts: 290  mod
    Hi ocean77
    You can go to Switch -> Monitor ->Client to view the table of all the clients MAC addresses direct and indirectly connected to the switch ports.
  • RUnglaubeRUnglaube Member Posts: 135  Ally Member
    Hey @Nebula_Dean I've noticed that Switch > Monitor > Clients shows the devices connected to my non-administrable switch (that is connected to my NSW200) as its own clients. Shouldn't be better just to see those devices that are directly connected to it?
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  • Nebula_DeanNebula_Dean Zyxel Official Agent Posts: 290  mod
    It is true NSW will show the MAC of other clients from a different switch if your topology has another one connected to it. Basically what it does is it shows is the entries from the MAC table and records them.
    However, to show only the devices are connected to it, you may have to use the authors way of seeing it through LLDP, I'll check if theres an enhancement in this function.
  • RUnglaubeRUnglaube Member Posts: 135  Ally Member
    Great! I'll be very attentive to check if you guys come up with an idea
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