Single-channel wifi design instead of standard multi-channel

Hi, I'm interesting in another wifi design than classic. Standard design with APs managed by WLC use different channels (e.g. for 2,4GHz 1, 6 and 11) which alternates from one AP to the second. This design is very usefull, if wifi-clients don't move too much or too quickly. But if wifi client moves, especially if it moves rapidly, there are issues by roaming from one AP to second - many times reassociation takes too long time, or client keeps association with original AP up to very low signal and tries to reconnect too late (not from original AP to the nearest, but for a far AP).

I listen about another wifi design, when all managed APs are on the same channel and decision about association with AP is on WLC. I tried to find some documents about this on Zyxel, but unsuccessfully.

Does anybody know, how is single-channel design called by Zyxel and what WLC can support this? It is applicable on NXC5500? Or it depends on AP types too?

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