How can I purchase a Nebula Pro Packl?

I would like to use some of the alerting features but I need to add a license for the pro pack. I cannot determine how to buy this in the US.  I called zyxel sales and left a voice mail, if anyone can point me to an online store to purchase the pack, that would be awesome.


  • Nebula_FredaNebula_Freda Zyxel Official Agent Posts: 86  mod
    edited January 14, 2019 11:06AM
    Hello @qshex,

    May I know which feature or which device license you want?
    We'll contact with the US sales for providing more information and helping you.

  • @Nebula_Freda

    I have a similar question, although the license calculator in the NCC is a bit confusing. If I'm not mistaken, I should get 180 points by registering the (2) NWA-1123-ACv2 access points I've purchased, but I don't see how to register them. I've been able to activate them but not register. Additionally, there's a banner at the top of the pages that states "This organization is using the free version of Nebula. Advanced features can be unlocked by purchasing a Nebula Pro Pack License." but there is no information regarding purchasing anywhere else in the NCC.

    If you could have someone contact me as well, I'd like to resolve these issues soon.

    thank you.

  • Nebula_FredaNebula_Freda Zyxel Official Agent Posts: 86  mod
    Hi @alien8,

    The NWA1123-AC v2 is not bundled the license, so it's not a problem that you didn't get the NCC points after registering the AP.
    I have sent your request to [email protected] who will help to bridge you and the local support to resolve the license issue. 

    Hi  @qshex,
    I also sent your request, too.

    Please let me know if you still have problem about the license.
  • @Nebula_Freda

    Thank you very much.
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