USG60 Balancing Problem


I have a USG60 with 2 WAN connection and balancing enabled.

The problem is this :

When a user of the network try to transfer for example 10 files on a remote FTP server after 1-2-3 files (depends on the load of the network to the WAN interface) the FTP client loses the connection and it's necessary to reconnect to the ftp server and restart the transfer.

Another situation : when a user try to download a file from wetransfer, after a few minutes (depends on the load of the network to the WAN interface) the download manager loses the connection and it's necessary to restart the download.

To temporarily solve the problem i have create a Redirect Profile for redirect the traffic of one of this pc used for download files from wetransfer and upload files to the ftp server to a single WAN interface (and with this rule i have solved the problem for this pc).

If i set this FIXED redirect for all the pc of the network the balancing technology is useless, how can i solve this problem without set a fixed route for the pc ?



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